Refund Policy

Refund Policy (1 DAY GUARANTEE)
(Not valid on your next purchase)

Refund Policy,

Buyers can request a refund within one day after you make an order ( Unless the buyer requests a refund for the second time, with a different item, a refund request will not be accepted)

Because the items you buy in the form of digital items automatically after you complete the payment you will be directed to the download link of the item you have chosen, if you request a refund before one day after the purchase of the item we will refund 50% of the total the money you paid, but if you request a refund more than one day from the date of purchase, according to our policy, we will not refund you ( Included for the second purchase )

Important: please follow these rules, do not disput to paypal, if you request a refund please contact the contact section listed in our store.

Best Regard