Term of services

Term Of Services Order Trading Bot Software on fxxstore

Before buying bot trading software you must read the Term of Services below and make sure you have understood and are willing to follow all the rules we set with the aim of smooth cooperation and maximum service. Term of service may change at any time without notice and is the right fxxstore.


1.  Pariative trade bot prices according to the type and accuracy of trading bots.

2. To be able to download the bot the buyer must first complete the payment according to the price     stated on the product choice.

3. Incoming Payments can not be canceled or refunded (this is because the products you buy are software that can not be returned to us)

4. When the download link cannot be accessed at the store, we will send the download link to the buyer via the email that you have filled in the order form (you are not allowed to cancel or request a refund of the money that you sent)


1. If you have trouble installing and using a bot, please contact to be guided until it is complete.

2. Trading bots only help analyze the market and do not guarantee a 100% victory in your trading, we are not responsible for your money in the trading, you are entirely your responsibility as a trader in the online market.

3. we are not responsible when the bot software can be installed on your device, this is because the device you are using does not support the software we provide, please complete it by the buyer without involving us.

Note: Terms and conditions can change
7 january 2018